Contacting AutoLOG


Please see below a list of contact information. If you are looking for information about our products and our business, please visit our About Us page. AutoLOG products are sold via our distribution / reseller partners. Please see below under the 'Where to buy' section.

Product Purchasing & Sales Enquiries

Products and credits are sold directly thorugh our website

How to become an AutoLOG reseller / partner

If you are a business looking to become a reseller or partner for AutoLOG please use the contact details below.

Top-up credits

Credit top-ups can only be done online using your smart phone app or logging into your account via the website. Login here

Support with your credit top-ups

Technical Support

For technical support on our AutoLOG products please use the relevant contact information below.

Need help with your AutoLOG product

AutoLOG Smart Phone App

For support on using your AutoLOG smart phone app please visit our FAQ page. You can also download a full user guide manual, giving you step by step instructions. Download

AutoLOG Smart Phone Dongle

For technical advice about your dongle please visit our FAQ page.

Where do i plug my AutoLOG dongle?

Your AutoLOG dongle needs to be pluged into the vehicles OBD port. To find the vehicle's OBD port please use the AutoLOG OBD guide.

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