AutoLOG (*UK only)

AutoLOG unlocks the secrets hidden in the car's computer. The AutoLOG-TICK interrogates the car's On Board Diagnostic System to tell you what has been recorded in its memory banks. It will give your car a vehicle health check to avoid nasty costly surprises. AutoLOG gives you instant access to the vehicle's history so that you can make an informed choice and are not left out of pocket.

  • Plug and play connection
  • Android supported
  • iPhone supported
  • Provides vehicle History information
  • Provides vehicle performance
  • Provides vehicle running costs
  • Provides vehicle diagnostic data
  • Displays fault codes
  • Provides vehicle diagnostic data
  • Displays fault codes
  • Checks previous fault codes cleared by time or millage
  • Automatically stores all your tested vehicles in the My Garage section
  • Compare up to 5 vehicles at a time from the My Garage section.
  • Produces AutoLOG Certificate

£39.95 Price includes 3 credits

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