Use your smartphone to obtain a full *vehicle history and health check No special tech tool or PC required - a simple mobile application with a plug and play dongle

Vehicle Diagnostic Check

AutoLOG unlocks the secrets hidden in the vehicle's on-board computer. The AutoLOG interrogates the vehicle to give you a report on what has been recorded in its memory bank.
  • Battery condition
  • Alternator condition
  • Fault codes stored
  • Temperature sensor
  • EGR function
  • Vin number
  • Mass air flow
  • Fuel mixture

Vehicle History Check (*UK Only)

In addition the AutoLOG mobile app gives you instant access to the vehicle's history so that you can make an informed choice when you are assessing or buying a [car/van/truck?].
  • Does the vehicle have outstanding finance?
  • Is the vehicle an insurance write-off?
  • Is the vehicle stolen?
  • Is the mileage accurate?
  • Is the valuation accurate?
  • What are the likely running costs?
  • Former keepers
  • Last changed date